Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?

Choose dress no#, style, material and in the message for seller write size or measures, color or other.

In case your suze is bigger than UK12 or you wish to have some changer or measure made dress, there will be sent to you extra invoice as extra fee apply.

How to pay?

* PayPal

* Western Union

* Moneygram

* Revolut (App)

Can the dress have detachable train?

The only collection, that has 

" hook " under dress skirt, which you can attach to the hand while dancing is " collection Luxury". Otherwise we don't make it, but you can ask a seamstress in your country to do it.

How long takes to make and deliver a dress?

It all depends on the season. In high season, holiday time, etc. designer and postal services are busier and therefore some delay may happen. However, the usual time to sew dress is up to 8weeks and delivery about 2 weeks (depending on which country you are from).

The prices exclude postal custom tax (each country has different rules, therefore each customer is responsible to find out if there will be some extra cost necessary, the customer is responsible for that payment.

When is the best time to order a dress?

We have so many different customers. Some customers order very last minute short time before the wedding (3 months before) and some even a year or more before the wedding. The best time according to us is anytime after the engagement as long as you don't plan to lose or put on weight. If your body is more of a " yo-yo diet style" than we recommend to order as late as possible and definitely lace-up style. 

What is included in the price?

* petticoat if needed

* long dust cover for a dress

* instructions, how to care      

  about your dress

Is possible to make different dress according to a photo?

NO. We do designer brand dresses and some designers are willing to make certain changes, which are written to each collection, but it is not allowed to make someone else's collection. We sell original dress and we do not copy someone elses dresses.

What materials are used to make a dress?

Each dress has different material, but mainly we use satin, tulle, chiffon, lace, voil and decoration glitters sequins, lace and lace appliques...

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What if the dress i order will not look nice on me?

Before you order a dress, you need to be sure about what type of shape suits you. For this we either recomend to visit a bridal salon near you and try on some shapes or you can send us photo in a swimwear (front and side) and we can send you our suggestions, however you will be responsible for your choice. Click here to see how to choose a dress and once dress start to sew, you will not be able to cancel order or sending it back.

Will the dress fit perfectly?

In most cases  (8 from 10 customers) dress fits well, rarely, some customers needs little help to make final fitting on their body by seamstress in their country. ( if so, the buyer is responsible for that payment)

Are the dresses original? Can i trust the photos?

YES!!! Unlikely Chinese sellers, we do great quality dresses and original from its European designers, so you will recieve exactly same dress as you see it in the picture! We do not make copies, only originals !!!


Does the Covid situation change anything? According to each country's rules, if there will happen delay in dress making or post-delivery, it will not be due to our mistake and it is necessary to count on possible delays and no possibility to cancel the order.